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I have download problem. What should I do?
Our site contains only links. After you click on the link you will be moved
to some filehost like rapidgator or Each filehost has it's own user interface. It's up to you to learn this interface and follow download instructions. Keep in mind all filehosts are totally out of my control. If you have download peoblem then please contact support of filehost you download from.
Link is dead. Please reupload.
I'm and admin. I do not upload books. If link is dead you can do the following: send message to the uploader of this book and ask him to reupload; Press Inform Admin button to inform me about dead link. I can only delete dead link to clean database.
I have paid you for premium account...
Nonsence. Our site is totally free. You have paid for premium account to some filehost like rapidgator or, NOT ME! Ask support of filehost you have paid to.
How can I read your books on my Kindle (iPad, Nook, .etc)?
Our site contains only links. You have to download file the link points to. Then you have to inspect the format of this file. If it has .zip or .rar format you have to use free 7ZIP program to unzip (unrar) downloaded file. Then you have to inspect unzipped file(s). There may be many files in diffrerent formats. It's up to you to read your mobile device manual, convert file to the appropriate format (if needed) and upload file to your device.
Is it legal to download books from your site?
It's depend on country you live in. Consult your local lowyer.
How to download for free?
Each filehost has it's own user intraface. You have to learn this interface carefully and find button like Free download, Slow download, .etc. Also you will have to wait some time and fill captcha. There may be pop-up windows and other features to make you to buy premium account...
I have uploaded a book. Where is it?
Your book must be in the list on the main page. If no - try to find it in Quarantine section or Wanted section or Expired section. If you can not find your book then it has been deleted. Books deleted in two cases:
1. your book violates the rules (duplicate, wrong title or link .etc), 
2. by request of copyrightholders. shows the following message: "this file can be downloaded only by premium members" Novafile accepts 100 free downloads, after that the file is converting to premium only. It is the poster's decision to refresh the file so please do not report those as it already provided free downloads.