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212602539Yeon Ho Lee

Introduction to Engineering Electromagnetics, 2nd Edition

2024pdf7/13/2024 4:17:19 AMrubybook
212559359Robert LeMoyne

Wearable and Wireless Systems for Healthcare I: Gait and Reflex Response Quantification (Smart Sensors, Measurement and Instrumentation, 47)

2024pdf7/8/2024 7:18:41 AMstirkout
1524022205I. D. Mayergoyz, Patrick McAvoy

Fundamentals of Electric Power Engineering

2014-11pdf7/6/2024 6:50:19 AMstirkout
2125276139R.K. Tyagi

Elements of Electricity and Magnetism: Theory and Applications

2024pdf7/5/2024 4:41:45 AMrubybook
2068574227Ned Mohan

Power Electronics, A First Course: Simulations and Laboratory Implementations Ed 2

2021epub7/2/2024 4:55:13 AMstirkout
212499392Ned Mohan

Power Electronics: A First Course,1st Edition

2011pdf7/2/2024 4:53:50 AMeternal
2124070114Joseph F. White

High Frequency Techniques: An Introduction to RF and Microwave Design and Computer Simulation

2004pdf6/22/2024 9:09:22 AMeternal
212405194Jason C. Hung

Frontier Computing: Theory, Technologies and Applications (FC 2022) (Lecture Notes in Electrical Engineering, 1031)

2024pdf6/22/2024 7:32:07 AMalex21s
212392278Ankan Bhattacharya Bappadittya Roy

Advances in Microwave Engineering From Novel Materials to Novel Microwave Applications

2023pdf6/21/2024 6:38:56 AMeternal
1495826185Zhanchang Wang

High-Efficiency Load Modulation Power Amplifiers for Wireless Communications

2017-06-30pdf6/21/2024 6:30:48 AMmaveriks
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